Get Involved / Build a Teacher Training Program

Schools in the district were built and run by non governmental organizations until 2008 when most of the schools became independent and were turned over to the national education system.

The success of the independent schools is tenuous at best. Non governmental organizations still provide many teacher salaries and school supplies, trains teachers and builds schools (the most recent opened in March of 2011)—all from annual donations.

While the teachers are dedicated, hard working and want their children to succeed, there exists a great need for depth in the teaching field.

Teachers and Training for Teachers of the Montessori methods in early Primary school is needed.

Teachers and Training of Secondary school teachers is needed.

Higher Education teachers and sponsors of higher education teachers are needed.

A regular teacher training program (e.g., several weeks a year) is needed at all levels. Course curriculums need to be developed.

Education is at the foundation of the health and economic development of all of us—this is a critical area of need for these people.

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