Planned Giving / Restricted Bequests

Donors may restrict the usage of their bequests. Please contact us to discuss to be certain your intentions can be fulfilled. A restricted bequest might provide as follows:

“I give, devise, and bequeath to Amigos de Vamos Adelante (the sum of $) ( percent of my estate) (the following property) (the rest, residue, and remainder of my estate). The property comprising this gift shall be used for (state purpose). If, in the opinion of the Directors of Amigos de Vamos Adelante or their successors, the need for funds for the charitable purpose described above no longer exists at some future date, the Board of Directors or their successors, are authorized to use these funds in the best interest of the Amigos de Vamos Adelante.”

When making or revising your will or revocable living trust you should consult with an attorney.

We will be pleased to work with you or your attorney.


For more information please contact us.