Planned Giving / Restricted Endowment

An endowed gift means your contribution is invested with the general funds and an annual distribution is made for the use you designate. The principal stays intact, allowing your gift to support Amigos de Vamos Adelante in perpetuity.

Both unrestricted and restricted bequests may be designated to establish endowment funds:

An example of Restricted Endowment language:

“I give, devise, and bequeath to Amigos de Vamos Adelante (the sum of $) (percent of my estate) (the following property) (the rest, residue, and remainder of my estate). The property comprising this gift may, for investment purposes, be merged with the general investment assets of Amigos de Vamos Adelante. The gift shall be entered into the Amigos de Vamos Adelante’s books and records as “The Fund” and shall always be so designated. The spendable income therefrom, but not the principal, shall be used for (state purpose). If, in the opinion of the Directors of Amigos de Vamos Adelante, the need for funds for the purpose described above no longer exists at some future date, the Directors of Amigos de Vamos Adelante , or their successors, are authorized to use these funds in the best interest of the Amigos de  Vamos Adelante, provided that the identity of the fund is maintained.”

It is recommended that restricted provisions be described as broadly as possible and that detailed limitations be kept to a minimum. Please consult with the Center for Estate and Gift Planning before drafting such provisions to assure that they can be implemented according to your desires.

When making or revising your will or revocable living trust you should consult with an attorney.

We will be pleased to work with you or your attorney.


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