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Amigos de Vamos Adelante, NFP (“AVA”) is an Illinois Not-for-Profit Corporation organized and operated exclusively for charitable purposes as defined by Internal Revenue Code (“IRC”) §501(c)(3) and in particular, to combat severe poverty in Guatemala through programs which work with the people of Guatemala to find solutions to illiteracy, hunger, illness, inadequate housing and clothing, the lack of clean drinking water, and unemployment (“Exempt Purpose”).  All contributions to AVA are used to advance AVA’s Exempt Purpose and subject to the control of the AVA Board of Directors which is responsible for determining in its discretion how best to use contributions to advance AVA’s Exempt Purpose.

Presently, contributions to AVA are not deductible as charitable contributions for income tax purposes.  However, AVA is applying to the Internal Revenue Service for a determination that it is exempt from federal income tax pursuant to IRC 501(c) (3).  If AVA is determined to be tax exempt pursuant to IRC 501(c) (3), contributions to AVA, including those made prior to the tax exemption determination date, will be deductible as charitable contributions.  AVA will provide an update on its website when its tax exempt status changes.  If you have questions regarding the tax deductibility of charitable contributions in general or with respect to AVA in particular you are urged to consult your personal tax advisor.